John Deere 317

John Deere 317 is a compact lawn and garden tractor.

This model was manufactured between 1979 and 1983.

The previous model was John Deere 316. The next model is John Deere 318.

The tractor is manufactured by John Deere on the factories in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA.

John Deere 317 was the first tractor in the 300 series with a twin-cylinder engine.

John Deer 317 works with Kohler gasoline 2-cylinder engines, the model 691cc Kolher. The early versions of engines had problems with lubrication. But then Kohler introduced an improved KT17 Series II horizontally opposed air-cooled engine. Though one can find negative opinions about John Deere 317, recommendations to avoid it because of poor engines, all this is true for earlier engines, but not for Kohler KT17.

Rated RPMS is 3600.

John Deere 317 power is 17hp (12,7 kW).

Chassis: 4x2 2WD

Steering is hydrostatic; brakes are differential.

The type of cab: open operator station.

The 317 tractor has headlights and taillights, ammeter, dual-spool hydraulics, individual rear wheel brakes as standard equipment.

If you have bought John Deere 317, it would be good to have a manual for this model; it will make the exploitation easier. Instructions in the manual are detailed and easy to understand.

It must be said, that it’s not so easy to find new parts for the 317, because John Deere doesn’t manufacture the parts anymore. But used parts are usually good too.

John Deere 317 is a good tractor for mowing a lawn, for garden works, cleaning the yard from snow, loading.



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